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Postpartum Doula services

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Pronounced [doo-la] noun

Doulas are trained non-medical professionals who recognize birth as a key life experience. Birth and Postpartum doulas support new families through the life-changing experience of having a baby. They provide information, emotional, and physical support.


Doula'ing [doo-la-ing] verb

The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally, during labor, childbirth and after.

Studies have shown that births have.....

25% Shorter Labor • 60% reduction in epidural requests


50% reduction in the caesarean rate • 40% reduction in oxytocin use


40% reduction in forceps delivery • 30% reduction in analgesia use

....with a Doula in attendance

*for more information and evidence on doula support click here

Doula Services
Kim Doula professional
Kim Douting Doula


I am both blessed and honored to be a birth and postpartum Doula. Having the profound opportunity to connect, inspire, and nurture moms and families during their most intimate moments in life, is such a rewarding and unbelievable experience.

Doting over your personal needs and working towards your self care is where my heart is deeply rooted. 

Preparing and guiding you through what options are available, while providing knowledge to make those difficult decisions, to increase your likelihood of having

your most amazing birth

That is my mission to you and all other birthing moms and families I connect with.

I'm here to support you!

  • provide you with information and help you learn about the process of birth so that you can make choices that align with your values


  • listen to you with compassion and respect the decisions you make for you and your baby even if they are different than the choices I would make for myself

  • help you feel prepared for all kinds of outcomes knowing that if your body or baby need assistance you have not failed. Birth is beautiful regardless of the circumstances. I will help you respect your body and honor the complicated and unpredictable process of birth.

  • advocate for you and allow your voice to be heard.

  • offer you my full support during your moments of vulnerability and celebrate with you in your moments of strength.


  • check in on you afterwards and educate you on infant feeding whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed.


  • help prepare you for postpartum care and recovery. To not only care for your baby but also yourself for a balanced recovery.

  • offer resources and referrals when needed.



I look forward to guiding you through your journey, before birth and into motherhood.

birth and postpartum doula services
Doula Services by Kim
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